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Why day trading is a bad idea and what to do instead

In this article, I will explain why trading full-time is the last thing you should do. And I mean exactly that. If you have your mind set on day trading, I can’t and I won’t stop you. But there are several other approaches to investing or speculating in the stock market that might work better for you and here is why. 1) Day trading stocks…

Passive income is real but dangerous

I became mesmerized by the idea of passive income in my early twenties, after I read Rich Dad, Poor Dad. The whole concept of how rich people let money work for them, instead of working for money, opened my eyes. There were only two tiny obstacles on my way to financial freedom. I did not have a large capital to work for me, neither I…

Are dividend stocks worth it?

Like with many other questions it depends who’s asking. Why do you prefer dividends over capital gains? Since capital gains are bigger than dividend income for most stocks and the former also has the benefit of being taxed at a lower rate (that is, if you hold onto your shares longer than a year), you have to have a special reason for preferring dividends. In…

About Me and this Blog

Hi, my name is Mike and I am an amateur trader and investor. I started this investing blog to share my thoughts, opinions, and a lot of useful information I came across during my journey to become a successful trader.

You can find here articles on traditional methods like technical analysis and money management but also more elusive topics, such as how psychology affects financial markets and our own investing results.