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Raoul Pal’s bio and net worth in 2020

For many people interested in the world of finance, hedge fund manager sounds like a dream job. No wonder they are looking for a inspiration and Payoul Pal’s life story might be a perfect example to choose. He worked as a Head of European Hedge Fund Sales for equities and equity derivatives at Goldman Sachs, amassed incredible net worth and retired at the very age…

How did Anton Kreil amassed his high net worth?

As probably one of the most famous equity traders in the world, Anton Kreil inspired many people to pursue career in trading. While being successful a long time before it, his popularity skyrocketed after his appearance on the reality TV show Million Dollar Traders. Ever since, countless admirers are wondering what is his recipe for success and how high his net worth really is. We…

About Me and this Blog

Hi, my name is Mike and I am an amateur trader and investor. I started this investing blog to share my thoughts, opinions, and a lot of useful information I came across during my journey to become a successful trader.

You can find here articles on traditional methods like technical analysis and money management but also more elusive topics, such as how psychology affects financial markets and our own investing results.