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Why you should develop your own trading strategy

Being a contrarian investor is potentially very profitable yet way more risky than trading with a trend. It is a lot easier to take advantage of a herd mentality and go with the crowd. But I would not choose a popular strategy to do so and always rather invest the time and effort into creating my own trading strategy. Your profitability might depend on it!…

Why the random walk theory is deeply mistaken

This article is about a favorite theory of people that do not actively trade in the stock market. If they invest at all, they usually promote buy-and-hold strategy in its various versions. And that makes sense. If you believe in random walk theory, you would a fool trying to beat the market. What most people don’t understand is, that “random” and “you can’t predict the…

Is stock market rigged and does it really matter?

It is one of the favorite excuses anytime somebody loses money in the stock market. “The market is rigged.” Ask the poor soul that just hit the stop-loss why he or she thinks so and you are sure to hear some elaborate (or simple) theory. “It’s all about high-frequency trading nowadays. You can never be faster in executing trades than big guys.” or “The chart…

About Me and this Blog

Hi, my name is Mike and I am an amateur trader and investor. I started this investing blog to share my thoughts, opinions, and a lot of useful information I came across during my journey to become a successful trader.

You can find here articles on traditional methods like technical analysis and money management but also more elusive topics, such as how psychology affects financial markets and our own investing results.