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For many people interested in the world of finance, hedge fund manager sounds like a dream job. No wonder they are looking for a inspiration and Payoul Pal’s life story might be a perfect example to choose. He worked as a Head of European Hedge Fund Sales for equities and equity derivatives at Goldman Sachs, amassed incredible net worth and retired at the very age of 36. American dream as its best, right? So how did he achieved such a success and how much is he exactly worth?


Pal studied economics and law at the University of Plymouth. His first job after the school was at Dow Jones Telerate as a sales executive. He tried couple work positions before landing a dream job at prestigious investment bank Goldman Sachs. After getting five years of experience at this position under his belt, he became a Portfolio Manager for GLG Global Macro Fund. And although he has more than enough money for comfortable retirement, he is still somewhat active as CEO of Global Macro Investor and Real Vision.

In 2007, Pal was part of the investment TV series Million Dollar Traders. He helped to design and manage the training program. And his opinions are frequently published by Bloomberg, Financial Times, and many other respected outlets.


So what is his current wealth and income? Although not publicly disclosed, several online resources are estimating Raoul Pal’s net worth to be over $15 million as of 2020. He obviously earned big bucks as a hedge fund manager and running his own businesses also proved to be quite lucrative. His The Global Macro Investor is an investment research publication founded in 2005 that serves to finance professionals all around the globe. The subscription is paid, so it must generate a nice cash stream.


Pal’s LinkedIn profile lists currently exotic Cayman Islands as his primary residence. His most recent endeavor is a media company named Real Vision that provides video on demand and research services for the finance sector. He saw an opportunity for a disruptive service. According to him, most newsletters for investors are poorly written by people with no real experience in the industry. And Raoul decided to change that. The success proved him correct.

But even seasoned investment expert like Raoul isn’t always right. In 2017, he warned before possible recession in his interview for Business Insider. And although many were concerned along with him (and we need to add that for many valid reasons), this recession didn’t materialize. On the contrary, we’ve seen unprecedented rise in stock market during the last couple years.

The same year, Pal also expressed his concerns about Brexit in one of his tweets. He is feeling strong ties to unified Europe as he was born to Dutch mother in Great Britain and also spent long time living in Spain. According to him, Euro currency is the enemy, not the whole idea of tariff- and border-free market. And I personally agree with his macroeconomic opinion on this.

When asked how to get into the whole hedge fund manager carer path, Pal is unexpectedly hesitant to give any advice and even discourages other to follow in his footsteps. He says, it is a stressful job and profits aren’t what they used to be because of the entire industry focusing now on managing retirement funds’ money. That might be true but we don’t need all to retire by 36. 46 would be fine by me and I would also settle with smaller net worth.

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